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Our network of fantasy sports websites have features the competition hasn’t even began to think about.

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Dynasty RedZone

Dynasty fantasy football news, podcasts,  videos, rankings, and more.

RedZone Daily

DFS and redraft football news, podcasts, videos, and more.

Dynasty Layup

Dynasty fantasy basketball news, podcasts, videos, rankings, and more.

Layup Daily

Daily fantasy basketball news, podcasts, videos and more.

Dynasty Bullpen

Dynasty fantasy baseball news, podcasts, videos, rankings, and more.

Bullpen Daily

Daily fantasy baseball news, podcasts, videos and more.

Content Production

We create high quality video and audio content to captivate audiences and help grow the industry. Our background in marketing helps us to engage with our consumers on a personal level. 

Mobile Applications

We have developed mobile applications on the most popular platforms for our content network. You can find our apps on the App Store and Google Play.

Web Platforms

Quality websites and content. Effective social media. Strong content is built on our solid platform. 


Who We Are

We are a team of professionals uniquely positioned to develop quality content and experiences for the fantasy sports industry. With a background in marketing, design, and development, we set out to create a network of resources with the freshest perspectives in fantasy sports.

Josh has a keen sense of detail and effective management skills when driving a project to completion. His creative experience leads him to be attentive to developing unique ways to visualize and interact with data.

Josh Doehla

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Rick is a seasoned veteran of fantasy sports and professional statistics. As a former professional poker player, Rick learned sharpened his wit and focused on staying ahead of the game. His skillset in marketing came into play as he formed and grew multiple communities in the fantasy football world. He has a reputation as a committed and driven leader, and has amassed a following for his insights in fantasy sports.

Rick Butts

Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

About Adam Eckert

Adam Eckert

Founder, Chief Content Officer

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